The NBA is the world's premier basketball league - find out where and how you can stream the entire season live.

It has been a life-long problem tuning in to watch the big game. Despite the increasing number of options available, its still very easy to find yourself missing a vital game due to content restrictions. Here we will discuss all of the viewing options inside and out of America, both free and paid, so that you, the people, can enjoy it without interruption in all of it's glory. Everything you need to stream live nba games, no matter what your situation, can be found here.

Free online streams

Believe it or not the entire schedule is available to watch for free online, without restrictions. There are hundreds of sites offering it including this one. Bookmark this site and check back 10 minutes before the game to view the links. If you want to stream live nba games without the hassle of blackouts and channel hunting, this is the best choice.

Cable & satellite

Cable and satellite providers have historically been the main option given to consumers, despite the high subscription costs. To find out which channel the game is on in your country, check out the official broadcast schedule here

League pass

The NBA has an official service available with a paid monthly subscription, depending on your country the price ranges from reasonable to slightly more then its worth. The extra content it provides may make the extra difference to hardcore fans, providing they are willing to put up with the blackouts.